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Adult Fitness

With my over a decade of elite athletic experience and professional certifications, I will help you reach your health, fitness and wellness goals by creating changes that last!  I offer private, semi-private and group fitness classes.  Below is more information about the various options for you to select.

FMS Evaluation and Body Composition Testing: a 60 minute assessment and evaluation where I lead you through a series of FMS movement screens and gather your body fat % using the Caliper skinfold method.  From the FMS screen and body comp testing, we then review the results and discuss your fitness objectives.  Based on your fitness goals and the testing results, you will begin an individualized fitness program geared towards reaching those goals and turning any previous limitations into strengths.

Adult Semi-Private Workout Program60-90 minute workouts focused on the fitness goals of each individual.  Workouts are programmed to maximize potential gains and keeping you on the path towards reaching your goals.  To enroll in the program, you must first book a FMS evaluation.

1-on-1 Private Personal Training: - to inquire or schedule, please contact Conrad.

Remote Personal Training: - to inquire or schedule, please contact Conrad.

Corporate Fitness/Wellness: - to inquire or schedule, please contact Conrad.

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