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Baseball Training

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My sole mission is to help you become a better baseball player by offering individual, small group or team training sessions.

Swing Evaluation - 60-minute assessment utilizing a multi-point evaluation that leverages the TPI and FMS movement screens along with physical swing video analysis through Blast Motion®. From these body screens and swing video, I am able to assess and evaluate where corrective adjustments need to be made to make lasting swing improvements for each player.  All hitters are given a customized swing development plan that will feature exercises and drill work to improve their swing mechanics and increase exit velocity, bat speed and consistent, desired launch angle. 

Private Baseball Training Session - 60-minute 1 on 1 lesson that is structured to take a holistic approach to Total Player Development (TPD).  Hitting, defense and throwing training sessions are available through my proven TPD program.


*Please note to schedule a hitting lesson you must first book a swing evaluation.  

Swing Development Program - 90-minute group sessions that will develop each player’s individual swing mechanics including mastering the mental aspects to successful hitting. With the use of Blast Motion® technology, each player is provided with a detailed swing analysis that allows them to recognize their swing strengths and address any swing deficiencies.  Unique to this program, specific drill work is emphasized to increase bat speed and address any obvious swing deficiencies. 


Focused training will include using overload/underload bats, hitting plyocare balls and other proven techniques I acquired through my years of playing at the highest level of collegiate and professional baseball.  Importantly, to be successful at the next level, the mental side of hitting will be reinforced through situational analysis and preparation.  Every player in the Swing Development Program will graduate with an customized training plan featuring specific exercises, drill work and study material that will improve their swing mechanics, increase their exit velocity and create consistent, desired launch angle. This program will take the offensive part of your game to the next level.

Infield Defense Program - 90-minute group sessions that focus on the fundamentals of defensive play along with developing the essential footwork needed to be a quality defender. Each session begins in a classroom setting where the tools of excelling on the ball diamond are taught. We will transition into an agility/footwork-focused warmup and then the group moves into defensive routines where each player will work on their specific skill improvements while receiving the necessary reps and instruction to develop. We finish each session with fungo work and/or some type of fun competition. 

Team or Group Training - to inquire or schedule please contact:

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